HHIL SM 10W-40 

HHIL SM 10W40 is a high quality multi-degree petrol motor oil that is produced to provide excellent protection for motors operating under harsh conditions and in accordance with international standards and it contains high-quality materials for use in all seasons under different weather conditions.

ASTM Test Method 10W40 Degree SAE
D-445 14 100°C, cSt Kinematic viscosity in
D-2270 140 Viscosity Index (VI) (min)
D-92 225 Flash point,° c  (min)
D-97 -30 Pour point, ° c (max)
D-1298 0.870 Density in Kg / m3, 15 ° C
D-5293 -25° c


Viscosity in the cold, CP
Performance levels:
  • API: SM
  • ACEA: A3/B3/ -04/C3-04
  • lSlRl: 13383

This product is manufactured in accordance with one of the highest levels of API performance and is suitable for use in petrol-powered vehicles whenever the recommended standards are proposed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Package type:
  • a carton containing 5 Metal gallons with 6-Letters capacity

Ideally, the Maintenance and storage of lubricants in an indoor environment away from direct sunlight or snow and rain encounter will increase the life expectancy of oil. It should be kept in the range of 20 °c to help maintain the quality the lubricant.


  • The maximum engine protection against wear and corrosion,
  • High thermal and oxidation stability,
  • excellent cleansing,
  • prevention of deposit formation in the engine,
  • lubrication of parts at low temperatures, especially at the moment of ignition