Oil Sample Analysis

Reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime and costly breakdowns for your personal car, vehicle fleet, or machinery. Millers Oils offers Oil Sample Analysis services for all sectors.

Usually, oil is changed after a certain length of time or a number of miles. Depending on driving conditions and patterns, oil can need changing sooner than the OEM recommendation. Oil Testing is a great way to understand the condition of your oil and engine.

Long haul, start-stop driving in all weather and with heavy loads can take its toll on a vehicle. In a competitive market with tight deadlines, any unplanned downtime comes at a premium.

• Condition monitoring of your oil, as well as the engine components.
• Avoid costly unplanned maintenance and breakdowns due to Oil Contamination.
• History of regular Oil Analysis results alongside full-service history can significantly increase a vehicle’s residual value.