20W50 SF

20W50 SF is produced based on paraffinic oil derived from refining crude oil called “Lube Cut” and top-quality additives. It can be used in all seasons and different climatic conditions.

SAE Degree 20W50 ASTM Test Method
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C (cSt) 19 D-445
Viscosity Index (Min) 110 D-2270
Fire Point, °C (Min) 215 D-92
Pour Point, °C (Max) -24 D-97
Total Base Number (TBN), mg KOH/g 6 D-2896
Density at 15°C (kg/m3) 890 D-1298
Efficiency Levels

MIL-L-46152B/API: SF/CC /lSlRl: 4783

Type of Packaging:

A box containing six 4-liter plastic and circular containers

Metal 20-L chilick, Metal 208-liter barrel


In ideal condition, maintenance and storage of lubricants are done in a covered area, away from direct exposure to sunlight, snow and rain which adds to the lifetime of the oil. It is maintained at 20°C which significantly contributes to the quality of lubricant.


Proper anti-oxidation property and thermal stability, cleansing property to reduce depositions caused by combustion and oxidation, anti-corrosion property to control the corrosion of engine parts, neutralizing acids caused by oxidation and combustion to prevent engine parts from corrosion, applicable in all seasons of the year, reduced oil consumption, reduced fuel consumption, easy starting, proper liquidity in cold air due to low pour points.