Automotive Lubricants

The industrial sector covers a huge variety of lubrication needs from general-purpose maintenance to extreme pressure gearbox oils, right through to demanding applications with complex materials in critical industries such as aerospace.

NextLube Oils understands the constant pressures our customers are facing — to reduce sts, increase efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and decrease energy consumption — all while maintaining a safe working environment for employees.

So we offer not only an extensive range of industrial lubricants but also a comprehensive Fluid Management Service to give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your core business.

NextLub’s wide portfolio of industrial lubricants includes e.g. different types of industrial oils and greases for many different, challenging, and advanced applications. NextLub also provides food-grade greases for food and packaging industry needs.  NextLub products are easily available and can be delivered directly to your manufacturing site.

HusNyTek’s experts provide you with oil analysis services to determine how to best optimize your lubrication management system, and how to choose the right way of lubrication. HusNyTek is also available to help you with questions regarding environmental safety and provide training and consultations.

HusNyTek is committed to finding solutions for all industrial lubrication needs any industry might have.