Gear oil 85W90

This is suitable with special formulations to use in power transmission system in light and heavy vehicles which operate in severe conditions under severe shocks and loads.

ASTM Test Method 85W90 SAE Degree
D- 4245 17 Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° C, cSt
D-2270 85 Viscosity index (at least) (VI)
D-92 200 Flash point, ° C (min)
D-97 -18 Pour point, ° C (max)
D-1298 900 Density Kg / m³, 15 ° C

Performance levels:




Package type:

20-liter plastic bucket


Ideally, the maintenance and storage of lubricants in an indoor environment away from direct sunlight or snow and rain encounter will increase the life expectancy of oil. It should be kept in the range of 20 °c to help maintain the quality of the lubricant.


  • Power transmission system in automobiles
  • Gears of hypoid
  • Other transfer applications (power, torque) in the vehicle and under high speed operating conditions – sudden loads, high speed – low torque, low speed – high torque


  • Excellent protection against wear and load bearing at low speed / high torque and high speed / low torque,
  • excellent protection against corrosion and wear and extension the life of gears and bearings,
  • thermal stability and excellent resistance against oxidation which enhances the life of the oil,
  • proper lubrication at low temperatures.