Hydraulic Oil 46

The Special Hydraulic oil which has the latest formulation with excellent anti-wear properties is widely used as superior hydraulic oil for use in hydraulic systems and advanced circulation. Due to the use of advanced technology in hydraulic oil formulations of NextLub, hydraulic systems that operate under difficult operating conditions and functional requirements are desirable.  Read more…
ISO  Degree 46 ASTM Test Method
Kinematic viscosity at ℃ Cst, 40 46 D-445
Viscosity Index (VI) 95 D-2270
Flash point,° c  (min) 205 D-92
Pour point, ° c (max) -27 D-97
Density in Kg / m³, 15 ° C 880 D-1298
Copper corrosion in 100℃ 1a D-130
The water separation amount PASS D-1401

Performance levels:

  • DIN 51524 PART2(HLP)
  • DENISON HF-0 ¸HF-1¸ HF-2
  • VlCKERS M-2950-S¸1-286-S

Package type:

208-liter steel Barrel


  • Hydraulic power transmission systems
  • Closed gearboxes
  • All equipment which has been recommended the above standard
  • Other applications that require R & O oils


Ideally, the maintenance and storage of lubricants in an indoor environment away from direct sunlight or snow and rain encounters will increase the life expectancy of oil. It should be kept in the range of 20 °c to help maintain the quality of the lubricant.


  • Property transfers power
  • Prevention of worn parts
  • Good stability against oxidation
  • Separation from water
  • Protection against rust and corrosion

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